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It’s All About the Marketing

When people discovered Iceland they found it to be beautiful and welcoming. Being selfish as only humans can they named it Iceland and sent some of their number far and wide to tells of its name and location so others would steer clear. They did this to keep the place all to themselves. Roughly the same time another group of people landed on a barren rock half covered in ice. They had to scuttle some of their ships to make shelter and have heat. A lucky group got to leave in the remaining ship. They promised to send others to help. Granted those being left behind did not believe this promise until they heard the marketing plan. This barren rock was to be called Greenland in order to dupe others… Read more >

A Chicken Revenge

    1,2,3 – Rite (A Chicken Revenge) A moment’s respite if you don’t mind from our arduous journey into a novel’s constructive anatomy. Late last fall, my wife toiled in our little farm in south Mississippi, doing what she loves best-planning, then growing and harvesting some of our food. We’ve lots of varieties in this little corner of heaven. Even though we’re both transplants from other parts of the county, we grow southern staples in the mild fall weather like kale, broccoli, greens, and butternut squash. There’s a couple other planting seasons, too but I’m out of my depth here so let me return to the story. Jane likes being with her small troupe of farm animals that include chickens, goats, guineas, ducks, and the occasional neighborhood dog. At… Read more >

Stories and Dogs

I thought for this week’s “story” post, I’d write something a bit more light hearted than what I posted last week. Imagine how different things would be if our dogs could talk. Oh the stories they’d tell. Yes the idea is the same as a cliche’ “if these walls could talk” or “Oh, to be a fly on the wall.” However, in this imaginary world where my dog can talk, I’m the only one who can here him and the only one who knows that he can tell me everything. A few layers into analyzing the second and third order impacts of this scenario and I discover this sort of magic can serve me well or do the opposite. A few things come to mind if my dog could indeed talk to me: –… Read more >

I Want to be a Writer – Where Do I Start?

red computer chair image

I know a title like that will make many believe this post is full of warmth and encouragement sprinkled with copious amounts of coddling. Sorry, it’s not. The simple truth is those who ask that question failed before they started. While many do not wish to hear it, that question is the same as a teenage boy asking “I want to be a rock star, where do I start?” Think about it. Most everyone, except their parents perhaps, will think, if not openly point out, “Well, you were too into video games and sports during your school years to endure being a band geek in school which means you never learned to play _any_ musical instrument, so…” The same simple truth exists for writers. You don’t want to be a… Read more >

1, 2, 3 – Rite (Characters…The World is Full of Them)

Here’s a recap for installment number five of Interesting Author’s Wednesday blog series. We described Organizing, Theme, Point of View, and Setting. I committed to revealing some of the critical steps in the creation of Rite*, but for now let’s talk Characters.   1, 2, 3 – Rite   Whether you ascribe to the “Great Man” theory of history, or to Tolstoy’s criticism that social circumstances allow great men and women to rise to the occasion, strong characters in fiction must take center stage. Try to imagine a vapid character in Hemmingway’s boat battling the big fish. We see the man, smell his sweat, feel the line cut his bleeding hands…a visceral image one tends not to forget. Characters solving the story’s conflict may be major or minor. They play… Read more >

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